Knockout Round 3

Its Tuesday

Quite a quiet night last night as we returned from the festive season and some are playing at Hastings.

In the plate, Paul Richardson and Richard Barrowclough had already drawn twice and now reached 30 minutes each. It was a typically close and combative affair but Paul managed to break through to face Nick Warren in the next round.

Meanwhile,also in the plate, Julie Denning was facing Zevon Rustom, it was a fairly even affair but if anything it seemed like Zevon had the upper hand. I looked at the endgame and it seemed that Zevon could neutralise Julie's outside passed pawn with a draw likely but somehow Julie managed to pull of a win. She is playing John Marshall in the next round.

There was a heavweight encounter between Dix Roberts and James Mansson in the semifinals of the knockout. It was a tight Taimanov affair with balanced and dynamic chances but James managed to secure victory in a Bishop vs 3 pawn endgame. James is the first player to reach the Kncokout final.

In the Rook Anthony Higgs had White against Ian Comley and broke through with an excellent sacrifice to destroy Black's position.Ian wriggled around trying to find chances but was dispatched efficiently by accurate play.


James Mansson's picture

I have to say I was rather lucky against Dix as he had a winning position but miscalculated. More details can be found on my blog: