Out-classed, But Not Humiliated

Horsham 5 came up against East Grinstead 1 last night. We were out-graded by an average of 17 points across boards 1 - 4, whilst their 5th board player was on his first MSCL outing after a long absence from competitive chess. He was last graded 167 in 2000. It could be argued he should have been higher up the playing order, but I recognise East Grinstead would have had little evidence on which to judge his current strength and will no doubt take account of his first few results. Despite these odds, we took 3 draws off our opponents; Nick on board 1, myself on board 2 and Dave on board 4. Richard B. resigned in a closing position where he was the exchange down, whilst Peter Helliwell was on the receiving end of the newcomer.

Apologies to anyone who may have picked up my bugs!