Horsham 2 lose in top of the table clash

Hastings 2 brought a very strong team to Horsham last Tuesday, as the winners of this match would more than likely win the Division 2 championship.
Gradings were very similar from Board 2 to Board 5 but on Board 1 Anthony was heavily out-graded playing a 210, so he did exceptionally well to secure a draw with the black pieces. In fact at adjudication Anthony was pawn up but the position was such that this was insufficient to get a win.
Both Paul and Dix were better in their games but Paul had no better than a draw due to opposite coloured bishops and unfortunately Dix went astray. Phil got caught by a pinning tactic and Peter never recovered from a bad opening and his position was lost at adjudication.
Anthony Higgs (B) ½-½ Nicolas Varley
Dix Roberts 0-1 Paul Kelly
Phil Stimpson 0-1 Henry Cove
Paul Taylor ½-½ James Wheeler
Peter Harbott 0-1 Stephen Blewitt