2019-2020 season

Online 4NCL rounds 3 and 4

Two weeks ago, Horsham faced Crewe in the online 4NCL.
On board 4 Marian was in a bit of trouble after his opponent managed to grab a couple of queen side pawns with tactics. Unfortunately, those pawns marched and Marian had to surrender.

Anthony and Nick win blitz tournaments

Over the last few weeks Horsham Chess Club has been hosting tournaments on chess.com on Thursday evenings at 8:10pm, with a time control of 5minutes + 5second increment that is open to all.

Two weeks ago on Thursday it started out as a close race, with Anthony, Chris, Ian, and Nick all in the mix. Nick and Anthony managed to break away and Nick managed to get a 1 point lead, which went down to their final games. They both won so Nick won the tournament with a commendable 6 wins 2 draws and 1 loss.

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