4NCL Congress

I played in the under 2000 section of this weekend's 4NCL congress. Whilst Stockfish was suitably scathing of my efforts in scoring 2.5 out of 5 and despite my general discomfort of playing 'on screen', the absence of normal pressure (no spectators, no grading impact and no team 'responsibility') added to my enjoyment and I may well try again at some future date.

These congresses appear to be monthly (and certainly for at least another two) with 5 rounds over Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon. Time control 45 minutes with 15 second increments and well organised if my experience is anything to go by. Obviously very convenient (in your own front room!) and time commitment not too onerous (2 hours max per game in effect). Sections to suit all standards (including an open), might possibly be of interest to other club members?