4NCL Match Report 3rd November

Our teams were battling it out again last week with the 4NCL tournament entering the final stages.

Horsham 2 lost had a narrow loss, 2.5-1.5 which was unfortunately decided with a 'mouse slip’ in Richard's game which was looking solid. Marian managed a solid win and Chris secured a draw but it wasn’t enough to beat Hackney Hungry with John defeated on board 2.
Horsham 3 managed a nice win against Uxbridge Bombers C with a nice win from Samuel and a default on their bottom board meaning we managed a 2-1.5 victory.

Horsham 1 sitting in 2nd place played the top team Fischer’s catch which was a critical game for us as we are close to the play off semi finals. Mark wrapped up a really quick win with his English opening as his opponent blundered on move seven and lost a minor piece which resulted in a resignation a few moves on.

My game proved interesting! I played the Owens defence and thought I had a strong position, I turned down a draw only to find out afterwards stockfish didn’t like my position as much as I did, my opponent was struggling on time and luckily he eventually ran out on the clock and I won, securing our second win.

Dix with the back pieces was playing Sicilian and looked solid for most of the game but lost the exchange nearing the end game and eventually lost under the pressure of advancing pawns.

This left Alex once again needing a draw to secure our team victory and he came home with the result. Against the French defence which Alex knows very well played a great game and looked to be heading for a win, but the position was very complex, he offered a draw and with his opponent under time pressure they agreed.

Horsham 1 are now top of the table and play again on Tuesday 17th and will be looking to secure a place in the Semi finals.