A weakened Horsham 1 record a narrow win over Brighton 2

A weakened Horsham 1 (Phil Stimpson and Dix Roberts were absent) just managed to beat Brighton 2 3-2. Paul Taylor suffered an early disaster against Jason Kirk, and then Ian Comley drew a complex struggle against "County Luminary" Paul Selby. I was able to score a convincing victory with Black in only 30 moves against Mustapha Othman, which left things down to the last couple of games. Gavin Lock looked to have the better of it against Chris Lowe, while Peter Harbott was in big trouble against Martin Roe. Gavin duly scored his win as his opponent failed to make the time control in time (and his position was completely lost in any case). Peter somehow managed to wriggle out, and perhaps even had the better of it at the end of the playing session, but agreed a draw to secure victory in the match.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Brighton 2 Result Horsham 1
1 Chris Lowe (171) 0-1 Gavin Lock (202)
2 Mustapha Othman (165) 0-1 James Mansson (196)
3 Jason Kirk (-) 1-0 Paul Taylor (176)
4 Martin Roe (157) Draw Peter Harbott (168)
5 Paul Selby (149) Draw Ian Comley (161)