Horsham 5 defeat Brighton 6

Horsham 5 defeated Brighton 6 away last Thursday by 3 points to 2.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Brighton 6 Result Horsham 5
1 Susan Chadwick (110) 1-0 Richard Barrowclough (113)
2 Carl Rabey (94) 0-1 Roger Waddingham (114)
3 Jan Ten Sythoff (92) 1-0 Peter Helliwell (111)
4 Oliver Loftus (-) 0-1 Anthony Locke (101)
5 Patrick Taylor (-) 0-1 Richard Francis (-)


Anthony Higgs's picture

First win for Horsham I think, nice one

Yes it was my first win. So many possible variations to finish off, with a pretty mating attack, with an en prise Knight and Queen v a Queen and Rook. His greed to threaten, pin and later desire to gobble my Knight with his Rook left it on a weak square, that left only his Queen to defend his vulnerable King. It felt good to find my Queen right next to his King for mate after taking his Queen. I also had compliments for playing in an exciting and dynamic way by the opposing team. Made sweeter by the team win.