Club Chess- 12 Dec Week 15

It's Tuesday

I was busy playing a fascinating Rook game against Nick on Tuesday. We had a good strategic struggle where I went a pawn down but we ended in a draw.It was a fascinating game so feel free to correct me if I report wrongly on your game!

Mick Harris was having a dynamic game with Chris Heath in the Knockout which was finally decided along the only open file in Chris' favour. Richard Barrowclough and Paul Richardson were determined to resolve their knockout round having already endured a draw..but it was not to be and another draw followed so they move on to the quickplay phase. John Marshall and David Grey were playing a typically sharp Bishop game but John seemed to prevail fairly easily.

The final Rook game was between Anthony Higgs and Paul Taylor. They weren't able to resolve it and adjourned it to continue on another night. They have reached an interesting position where Paul is a pawn up. To be continued...