Horsham 1 Victory

It's Tuesday

Some very competitive chess last night with two Horsham teams playing.

Horsham 1 were playing Lewes and it was very tight but Horsham gradually took the ascendancy to win 3-2 . Meanwhile the Juniors were battling out in the rapid play competition. Horsham fielded a full team of girls who were playing a full team of boys. Anthony is very sure this is the first time that an entire team of girls has been fielded in the competition. Unfortunately girl power was not enough to win on this occasion but Anthony will put up a full report.

In addition to match chess there were a number of games going on as well as a new member who we look forward to seeing more of over the next few weeks. In the Rook Phil Stimpson got an apparently overwhelming attack against Chris Heath's French but Chris played dynamically to achieve a draw. Ian Comley's French didn't do so well either and was dismantled comprehensively by Lucy Bennet-Stevens.

Nick Warren and Paul Richardson played their Knockout game - a Qd8 French with chances for both sides but ultimately resulting in a draw so they are back again next week to try and resolve the matter. Roger Waddingham and John Marshall played an interesting endgame with the imbalance being John's Rook and Pawn vs Roger's Bishop and Knight (with other pawns as well). It ended up as a draw after what John described as less than perfect play on both side! Finally Peter Helliwell played David Grey and won reasonably straightforwardly.

This was week 19 of the season with 23 weeks remaining.