First Home Match - Week 10

It's Tuesday

At the tenth meeting of the season Horsham 4 were playing Uckfield 2 and there were plenty of interesting games going on. I am sure Roger will give a full report shortly but Nick did a good job on top board to win what looked like a drawn Rook and pawn endgame while John overpressed in a superior position and ended up dropping pieces.

In other games Anthony and Ian finally concluded their Knockout pairing. Having drawn twice in conventional timescales the pace quickened to just half an hour and Anthony won. This is the way that Anthony beat Lucy in the first round so future opponents are warned!

Chris pressed Mike in the quickplay but Mike's winning run continued in the end. Paul and Peter played an interesting game before Peter blundered a piece bringing Paul's losing run to an end. Also Mick Harris beat David Gray pretty conclusively in the plate.

So the Knockout is making good ground and the MSL games are starting to take place with Horsham 2 away against Uckfield 1 Wednesday 8 November and Horsham 1 away against Haywards Heath on Thursday 9 November.


Roger Waddingham's picture

Our first match of the season was a 3-2 victory, after Julie's adjourned match was agreed a draw. We significantly outgraded our opponents on average, but they did have two youngsters who were very good value for their grades. One managed to take advantage of an erroneous view from John Marshall to win, while the other applied themselves too thoughtfully to the middle game and ran out of time to lose to me on board 4. So Nick's excellent victory on board 1 was the setting game, after Richard had to settle for a draw on board 5. Roger Waddingham