Gatwick e2 e4

Crowne Plaza hotel

Five Horsham players took part in this very well organised event.

I grew up playing chess in cold church halls and buying curled ham sandwiches swigged down with tepid tea but this was very different with plush carpet, ample room and excellent playing conditions. Hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel there was first class food to sustain the players through the ardours of the tournament and there was something appealing about a bar dominated by 30 players analysing their games.

In the Open there were well know players such as Keith Arkell and Danny Gormally but it was in fact won by GM Vakhidov who is rated 2568! Gavin managed a very creditable 3/5 in such esteemed company and lost to an FM who ended up coming second equal. Roy Page was also faring well as the lowest graded player in the competition and managed 2/5 also playing an FM in the first round.

In the Major Chris Heath, Bob Lanzer and I all managed 3.5/5 and were in the top ten. We were a frustrating half point behind the second placed players and the prize money!

The full results and the games are worth a visit at