Great Night of Chess

Its Tuesday

The rapidplay team was captained by guest captain Tim Pavlovic - 4 young players fought out a tight game which we eventually lost by 3-1

Meanwhile there was some intriguing adult chess taking place on other boards. Chris Heath and Mike Forster had a very tight struggle where Chris found himself in a slightly passive position which Mike expertly exploited , turning the screw and eventually winning an impressive game. In the Knockout Plate Nick Warren and Paul Richardson had already drawn a couple of long play games and so played at the quickplay time limit designed to break the impasse. And yet an incredible three games followed all of which were drawn! They will continue the marathon in due course...

Another interesting game took place between Paul Taylor and Phil Stimpson where an early endgame was reached but Paul impressively played the position to be victorious in a very good game. In the Bishop Julie Denning played John Marshall in a precursor to their impending Knockout Plate clash. It was a dynamic game with John building up a characteristic attack but ultimately Julie overcame the attack to win well.