Horsham 3 v Brighton 3

We hosted Brighton last night and the match hangs in the balance !
Nick Warren scored a crushing win against the higher graded Arthur de Silva to put us ahead, before John Cannon went down fighting in time trouble. John Marshall rescued a half point even though the exchange down to leave the match all square.

The top 2 boards went all the way and both are being reviewed for adjudication. On board 2 Mick Harris has an endgame with Kt and 4 pawns v Bishop and 5 pawns – this looks like a loss for Horsham.
On top board,in a complex position, Chris Heath is the exchange up – but may not have a clear win.
I’ll keep you updated !

1) Chris Heath (w) adj v Callum Brewer
2) Mick Harris Adj v Oliver Weiss
3) John Cannon 0 – 1 Robin Jones
4) John Marshall draw Michael Cain
5) Nick Warren 1 –0 Arthur de Silver


Mick Harris writes:

Sorry to advise you that the match finished 3-2 in Brighton’s favour. My game became a clear loss on adjudication, and Chris Heath felt he had no clear win and agreed a draw.
Unfortunately we have lost our top position in Division 2 – although we have games in hand.