Horsham 5 defeat Haywards Heath 3

Roger Waddingham reports on last Tuesday's match between Horsham 5 and St Francis & Haywards Heath 3

The match was interesting. Matthew won easily on bottom board and then Tony lost, Matthew is now 5 / 5 in division three and must be headiing for some sort of league trophy.

All the other three games looked drawish for a while. Finally, Gary edged ahead in the endgame when he had his king on the correct side of the board to consume all his opponent's pawns.

At this stage I decided to opt for a draw - despite being rook for knight and pawn up - exhaustion was setting in after 49 moves..... I knew Mark had a draw which was agreed a move later; so we won 3-2.

When I looked at my game on Fritz it transpired that I did have a won ending, but whether I would have spotted it over the board is another matter.