Horsham Blitz Tournaments 5, 6, 7

Every Thursday evening Horsham has been meeting for some online blitz chess. For two weeks out of three we meet on chess.com at 8:10pm to play 5|5 in a frantic arena style. This includes this week, I look forward to the hectic pace and seeing lots of people there.

The tournament on the 7th May followed the pattern of the previous two with Anthony and Nick battling for the crown with Anthony coming out on top to win his second Horsham blitz tournament. Close behind these two was Mark, who in his first foray into the arena finished joint 3rd with Chris and myself. Congratulations to Monika for achieving a new personal best. Full results are available on:

The tournament on the 14th May was dominated by a fast and furious Ian who played 11 games, a new record for a winner. In second Anthony was in fine form again and Gavin in his first entry into the tournament achieved third even though he started late. Well done to Guy for his best performance to date. Full results are available on:

Last week's tournament on the 28th May again saw a fast and furious Ian challenging for the title with 11 games and Anthony again showing his style with an unbeaten run, but ahead of them both was magnificent Mark who won the tournament with 7 out of 8. Full results are available on:

Overall its great to see lots of players every week as it really makes the competition much better for everyone with more players. Also, the standard of our blitz seems to be rising and rising as the winner is achieving more points week after week (setting aside Anthony's blinding 10 out of 10!).