Horsham Blitz Tournaments

Every other Tuesday Horsham Chess Club is running a blitz tournament on LiChess.org. The time control is 5minutes + 5seconds increment and they run 7:30-9:30pm. If you are interested you will need to join LiChess.org and then join the Horsham Team: https://lichess.org/team/horsham-chess-club. The tournaments are listed on the Team page.

On the 15th September it was a close run night with Anthony, Marian and Ian vying for the crown. After a strong start Anthony held a clear lead. Both Marian and Ian made strong finishes, but Anthony had done just enough to hold them off and win the tournament.

On the 29th September it was a competitive evening with 11 players playing some great games. Anthony and Marian had strong starts to lead the tournament. They met in their fifth games and Anthony won to take the lead. Anthony continued in strong form and appeared to be strolling to victory. In beserk mode I made a late challenge on the lead and almost stole the crown, but Anthony held strong to take a second tournament win.

The next tournament is this Tuesday. Everyone welcome.