Horsham Blitz Tournaments

Horsham is running blitz tournaments on LiChess once a fortnight under the team page: https://lichess.org/team/horsham-chess-club. The time control is 5minutes and 5seconds increment running 7:30-9:30pm on alternate Tuesdays. This coming Tuesday is the next tournament and everyone is welcome.

Over the last 4 tournaments Anthony, Chris Heath, Chris Snook-Lamb, Ian, Marian, Mark, Matt, Monika, Nick, Simon, and myself have had many an enjoyable blitz game. Highlights included Ian saccing a knight on move 3 against Anthony, detailed discussions of the Queen's Gambit TV show, Chris forgetting the clock for 4 games in a row, and a high quality rook endgame between Matt and Monika.

I look forward to our next blitz evening on Tuesday.