Horsham 1 Second, Horsham 2 Relegated

Disappointed thinker

John got an update from Brian Denman (see below) about the Brighton Crowborough match and its the worst possible result for Horsham 1 and Horsham 2 - a draw. This pushes Horsham 1 to second place, just nudging them out of the top spot once again (our last win was in 2010) and means relegation for Horsham 2 ... a disappointing end to the season.

"The result of this match was a draw. Geoffrey James is on holiday and the Brighton team was Simon Wilks, John Henshaw, Callum Brewer, Paul Batchelor and Mikolaj Rogacewicz. Crowborough fielded probably their strongest side of the season: Peter Kemp, Gareth Anthony, Amardip Ahuwalia, Bob Elliston and David Fryer. In the end all five games were drawn."