Horsham's Classical Tuesdays

On Tuesday evenings Horsham is playing classical games of 45minutes + 15seconds increment on chess.com starting at 7:30pm.
This week we had 4 games going with upsets and tactical shots galore.
First to finish was Alexander's game against Guy. Guy clearly knows the maxim "pin to win" as he used this to great effect to seize a piece and when Alexander created complication Guy kept his cool to make it two pieces forcing a resignation.
Second to finish was Nick's game against Matt. Matt lunged on the kingside with an early g-pawn thrust. Nick countered and with accurate play Matt's besieged king in the centre was forced to resign.
Third to finish was Chris and Dix's game, or the Dutch against the English. A tense battle ensued, in which Chris's Dutch grabbed central control and an edge going into an endgame. With both players under time pressure Dix held firm in the endgame to get a repetition and thus the draw.
Last to finish was a mammoth game between Monika and Richard. It started out as a Nimzo-Indian with both players fighting for central control. After many a careful move it transitioned into an endgame with opposite coloured bishops and a rook each. Richard had a two pawn advantage, but speed is of the essence in endgames and Monika's pawn was quick enough to win the game.


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Monika and Richard had a 100+ move game in the daily tournament too (Richard winning that one I think), clearly a good matchup!