Knockout on Tuesday 25/9

Boxers playing chess

The Knockout draw has been published on the website for a little while. I have copied it below for convenience.

Remember to sign into the website to get the full functions in the menu bar on the right. If you are new and need to get a sign in you can do so directly through the website. If you have any problems have a chat with James Mansson at the club.

Round One
J Mansson - P Helliwell
R Waddingham - H Roberts
G Turvey - WJ Marshall
A Couchman - A Taylor
M Harris - L Bennet-Stevens
D Roberts - P Harbott
D Gray - J Denning
A Burling - R Barrowclough
P Richardson - I Comley
N Warren - C Heath
J Maclean - A Higgs