Horsham 1 defeated by Lewes 1

Horsham 1 suffered a defeat away to Lewes 1 last night. There was an early draw between Dix Roberts and Martin Costley, as the former was unable to dent the latter's solid Double Fianchetto formation. This was followed by defeats for Phil Stimpson and James Mansson, leaving Horsham 2.5-0.5 down with two to play. Unfortunately, no miracle occurred this time, as Dominic Lawson got the better of Paul Taylor. Anthony Higgs' win again Barry Maufe merely served to make the score respectable.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Lewes 1 Result Horsham 1
1 Lim Zhuo Ren (210) 1-0 James Mansson (196)
2 Mark Broom (194) 1-0 Phil Stimpson (174)
3 Martin Costley (184) Draw Dix Roberts (173)
4 Dominic Lawson (183) 1-0 Paul Taylor (176)
5 Barry Maufe (169) 0-1 Anthony Higgs (164)