Horsham win the Paul Watson Trophy !

Last night (7 May) Horsham visited Lewes to play the final of the Paul Watson trophy. This is a 4 board competition with a maximum Team total grading of 600 – and a Quickplay time limit. The gradings worked out practically identical,so a close result was likely.

Boards 2 & 3 were the first to finish after a couple of hours – and resulted in solid draws. Richard Moorhouse defended a ferocious attack to emerge a piece up and secured a welcome win. This left Peter Harbott, playing on top board against an old adversary, needing to get at least a draw for the result to go in our favour. With both players having only a couple of minutes left a frantic endgame ensued which Peter coolly avoided complications to agree a draw – and a win for Horsham.

1 169 Barry Maufe 0.5 0.5 Peter Harbott 168
2 152 James Pullan 0.5 0.5 Mick Harris 151
3 137 Richard Welford 0.5 0.5 Nick Warren 141
4 138 Matthew Britnell 0.0 1.0 Richard Moorhouse 138


Anthony Higgs's picture

Paul Watson himself was instrumental in my formative chess years, great to see Horsham winning the trophy that bears his name.