London Candidates update

Further to Ian's post on 3rd February, all ECF members who have provided email addresses to the ECF should have had this in their inboxes today...

I reproduce the relevant part of Sean Hewitt's email for anyone who has not received it due to technical gremlins etc:

I am pleased to announce that, following discussion with Agon, members of the English Chess Federation can purchase tickets to attend the World Candidates Tournament in London at a discount of 20%. If you wish to take advantage of this offer when purchasing tickets from the website ( simply enter the promotional code ECF20 to get the 20% discount. The schedule for the tournament is

Opening Ceremony Thursday 14/03/2013
Round 1 Friday 15/03/2013 | Round 2 Saturday 16/03/2013 | Round 3 Sunday 17/03/2013
Free day Monday 18/03/2013
Round 4 Tuesday 19/03/2013 | Round 5 Wednesday 20/03/2013 | Round 6 Thursday 21/03/2013
Free day Friday 22/03/2013
Round 7 Saturday 23/03/2013 | Round 8 Sunday 24/03/2013 | Round 9 Monday 25/03/2013
Free day Tuesday 26/03/2013
Round 10 Wednesday 27/03/2013 | Round 11 Thursday 28/03/2013 | Round 12 Friday 29/03/2013
Free day Saturday 30/03/2013
Round 13 Sunday 31/03/2013 | Round 14 Monday 01/04/2013
Tie-Breaks/Closing Ceremony Tuesday 02/04/2013

Hopefully, I might see you there!

Best wishes - Sean Hewitt, Director of Membership & Marketing (Acting)


Ian Comley's picture

I am intending to go on Good Friday - let me know if you will be there too

Ian! Peter and I had a good day there yesterday but you'll find the security tighter than airports!
We didn't see any programme for the event however, so if you should find one for me
(say up to a tenner!) would you please get me one!

Peter Helliwell and myself will be going on Wednesday March 27.