Horsham win McArthur Cup battle

Horsham played Hastings in the MacArthur cup in a very strong match of 6 boards.

A quick draw for Mike Forster began proceedings with James also drawing shortly after. Gavin followed with an excellent win while Phil Stimpson lost on bottom board.

Mark Broom was unable to convert to a win with a couple of extra pawns in a Rook and Pawn endgame and it ended in a draw. This left Anthony still playing a pawn down with Bishop vs Knight and ultimately this was also drawn.

The score was 3-3 at which point the bottom board is disregarded..this left a narrow for Horsham who go forward to the final.

Horsham Hastings & St. Leonards

1 Gavin Lock (B) 1 Ollie Wilson 0

2 Mark Broom ½ Daniel Lowe ½

3 James Mansson ½ John Sugden ½

4 Mike Forster ½ Howard Tebbs ½

5 Anthony Higgs ½ Tim Spanton ½

6 Phil Stimpson 0 James Wheeler 1


James Mansson's picture

I believe the actual order of tiebreak is:

  1. Board count
  2. Board elimination from the bottom board upwards
  3. The team with black on odds shall be the winner

As it happens, all methods favoured us.