Mid Sussex Chess League AGM

Julie, Anthony and I represented the club at the AGM last night. It was a pleasant evening which was not too contentious. I took home brief notes which I copy below. Julie stood down as fixtures secretary and earnt a round of applause for all her excellent work for the MSL.

Accounts: £50 loss, £3 per club fees next season, still free for KO and Junior League(rapidplay)
Fixture Secretary: Julie Denning stepped down, Peter Farr agreed to take on
Adjudications: Only 6 positions, 2 overturned at appeal
1. Reminder to ensure players have joined ECF to avoid high game fee costs, deadline end of June
2. Proposal for next year that forst 3 matches in each league will be free
3. 125th anniversary of SCCU ; planned match of at least 125 players for 16 September
Webmaster: request for assistance with anyone with expertise in php; contact Barry Maufe
Junior League : Urgent need for safeguarding policy and understanding MSL position
Rule changes:
1. Both clubs must notify if a match is reorganised
2. If a match is defaulted, players in the offended team may play players who would have been eligible at the date of the original game
3. Tidy up of the rule for KO to allow Tournament Controller to take into account all available information especially eg FIDE ratings