Horsham 3 travel East for a great win

Horsham 3 travelled to Eastbourne last week for a match where we were missing our top board player Ian due to illness. Thankfully John Cannon was able to step in on board 5 and we had a full team.

John Marshall was first to finish with an agreed draw on board 4. Nick on board 3 built up a strong attack on Black’s King after opposite side castling, after a while the attack slowed but Nick was able to keep his nerve and take a win. John Cannon on board 5 finished next, he’d isolated his opponents remaining knight and put pressure on the king side and his opponent then opened up the queenside to his delight with another win. In Chris’s game on board 1, both players had castled queen side and even with an interruption of a split drink over the board he calmly continued to gain a large advantage and his opponent resigned at full time. My game on board 2 also went the distance but even with a pawn up and two passed pawns Fritz was able to work out a counter attack that didn’t quite give me enough to claim the win. Final score 4-1 to Horsham 3.

M Reddie 0 – 1 C Heath
H Osbourne ½ - ½ P Richardson
J Moore 0 – 1 N Warren
M Pannett ½ - ½ J Marshall
D Stevenson 0 - 1 J Cannon