A frustrating night for Horsham 2

Horsham 2 had another close encounter, this time against Crowborough 1 on 15th March. At adjudication we were 0-1 down, Roy having lost with the black pieces to a highly talented junior who has represented England.
On Board 1, Alex came out of the Catalan opening with a clear advantage and was level until the last few moves when he went astray and we had to concede on adjudication. Crowborough, who had warned me that they may default one board, were able to draft in a strong Board 2 at the last minute. Paul played a very solid Scotch but his opponent defended well and the final position was dead drawn with bishop and five pawns against knight and five pawns.
On Board 3, Peter had his usual exciting game – this time against a Bishop’s Opening. The position has been sent for adjudication and we are claiming a win as Peter has a knight for three pawns and his opponent has a trapped bishop.
Phil’s final position was very frustrating as we initially thought we had a win that would have drawn the match, however on deeper analysis his opponent repeatedly had one move that just held his position and in the end we had to concede a draw. It therefore appears that the final result will be a 2-3 loss.
Alex Freeland (182) 0-1 Peter Kemp (196) (W)
Paul Taylor (172) ½-½ George Salimbeni (181)
Peter Harbott (171) A-A David Fryer (178)
Phil Stimpson (170) ½-½ Gerald Michaud (166)
Roy Page (171) 0-1 Amardip Ahluwalia (166)


Pleased to report that the adjudication came back as a win for Peter so the final match result was 2-3 to Crowborough 1.