Horsham 2 defeat Hastings 1

Horsham 2’s strength in depth enabled the team to record another impressive victory to move into 4th place in Division 1.
Alex, playing Board 1 for the first time, had a tough initiation with the black pieces. Paul was unlucky on Board 2 having outplayed Howard Tebbs for much of the game and winning his opponents backward e pawn. Unfortunately his opponent found some counter-play that enabled him to win back his pawn and move into a won ending.
Peter had a very level game with his Petrov’s Defence. Having reached an endgame in which both sides had a white-squared bishop and seven pawns, his opponent tried to push for a win but this back-fired as at adjournment Peter could create a passed pawn that gave him a critical win for the team.
Phil was always in control of a complex looking position, playing white against a French Winawer. He held a material advantage at adjournment in an opposite colour bishop ending, with three pawns against two, and whilst it was a clear win the computer showed a forced mate in 71 moves for him!
Ian, making his first appearance for the 2nd team this season, won comfortably with the black pieces. Having won a pawn quite early on he held the initiative throughout the game and had a clearly won rook and pawn ending at the adjournment.
Alex Freeland (182) 0-1 Francis Rayner (198)
Paul Taylor (172) 0-1 Howard Tebbs (193)
Peter Harbott (171) 1-0 Paul Kelly (171)
Phil Stimpson (170) 1-0 Andrew Fleming (165)
Ian Comley (169) 1-0 James Wheeler (149)


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That's the trick - I did about par in previous seasons but Tim's leadership is just the ticket!