Horsham 3 beat Hastings 3

Hastings castle

A pretty impressive looking result for Horsham 3 last night.

The most unusual opening was on top board where Marc Bryant tried to outwit Roy Page with 1.a3 g6 2. h3 b6 which is unusual. He tried a later g3 and Rh2 to allow Bg2 but Roy always looked very strong and his attack soon became overwhelming.

In truth the overall result was helped greatly by my swindle in my opponents time trouble without which the overall result could have been very different. I had played well earlier but my opponents unintended exchange sacrifice proved very useful and I was lucky to win. Chris Heath on three seemed to overwhelm his opponent with active pieces and on board 5 Nick had a strong attack but somehow missed something along the way.

I didnt see any of Bob's game but he was slightly worse at the end but not enough to lose we think (watch this space). **Update** Bob has agreed a draw so we win 3.5-1.5

1. Roy Page 1-0 M Bryant
2. Ian Comley 1-0 J Hudson
3.Chris Heath 1-0 D Harvey
4. Bob Lanzer drew with G Willson
5. Nick Warren 0-1 M Woodhams