Horsham 3 - Double report

Horsham 3 played a home game versus Woodpushers on Tuesday, we were missing our star performer Matthew but Roy Page was able to step into board 1 for us.

Only one game was finished before time control, Ian on board 2 had a great attack going and looked like a mating net was close after an exchange sacrifice but his opponent was able to get his queen back into the defence and hold.

Amazingly all other boards went to adjudication but it became quickly clear that I'd lost mine on board 3, Nick had a secured a draw on board 4 and Julie had a big advantage on board 5. This left board 1 with Roy's position looking strong but very complicated, Fritz unfortunately found one single move that switched from a win to a loss. Final result 3.5 - 1.5 loss.

1 169 Page, Roy D 0 - 1 Hutchings, Roger M 157
2 151 Comley, Ian S 0 - 1 Kelly, Ian G 150
3 149 Richardson, Paul 0 - 1 Mitchell, Julian B 150
4 149 Warren, Nick ½ - ½ Clark, Julian 149
5 137 Denning, Julie L 1 - 0 Samworth-Calvier, Juju 118

Last week we headed down to Hastings on a rather wet and windy evening but we had a strong team and high hopes.

Ian again was first to finish his game and after trapping his opponent's knight, this time with a nice win.
I was next on board 5 but after a complicated middle game and gaining the bishop pair I could not find a way to break through without risking the game and suggested a draw which my opponent agreed.

I did not see much of Chris's game on board 1 but unfortunately a loss for us, on board 4 however Nick had ended up in a rook & pawn end game that they eventually agreed to draw.

So 2 games all and Bob was working hard in an unfavourable position and later after going two pawns down and time called it was not to be. Final result 3 - 2 loss but a big thank you to all the players travelling so far for this.

1 171 Kelly, Paul J 1 - 0 Heath, Chris W 164
2 165 Fleming, Andrew SJ 1 - 0 Lanzer, Robert A 157
3 154 Young, Mel J 0 - 1 Comley, Ian S 169
4 149 Wheeler, James M ½ - ½ Warren, Nick 142
5 130 Harvey, Derek D ½ - ½ Richardson, Paul 148