Setback for Horsham 2

The 2nd team travelled down to Lewes 1 last Tuesday and were unfortunately narrowly defeated 2-3. As expected this proved to be a very tight affair between two evenly matched teams and there were some interesting games.
At adjournment, Alex’s and Roy’s games were unfinished with the score standing at 1½-1½. Alex playing on Board 1 was a pawn down in a tricky position and the computer confirmed that we had to concede that game. Roy’s position appeared to favour him as he had a passed h pawn and would have had very good chances in open play but theoretically there was not sufficient to support a win on adjudication.
Mark Broom (198) 1-0 Alex Freeland (182)
Martin Costley (185) 1-0 Paul Taylor (172)
James Pullan 0-1 Peter Harbott (171)
Barry Maufe (157) ½-½ Phil Stimpson (170)
Richard Welford (148) ½-½ Roy Page (171)