Winning may not be everything, but losing has little to recommend it !

The 2nd team had a disappointing Division 1 match away at Haywards Heath, eventually losing 4-1. Despite being heavily out-graded on the top two boards both Phil & Peter had very close matches - their opponents only gaining advantages towards the very end of the playing session.
The team needed to do well on the lower boards but it proved not to be our night. Chris did very well to save a draw after losing material in a combination that he had overlooked. Bob had a good position from the opening and seemed to have the initiative but unfortunately the game slipped away from him. I was unable to find a way through my opponent’s solid Caro-Kann set up.
All in all a rather frustrating evening; the full scorecard follows -
F Kwiatkowski (206) 1-0 P Stimpson (171)
J Boardman (187) 1-0 P Harbott (170)
A Von Der Becke (145) ½-½ T Pavlovic (166)
N Fitzgerald (126) ½-½ C Heath (155)
D Curtis (129) 1-0 R Lanzer (154)