First team match roundup

Quick summary of the latest three matches for the first team, all won to keep the title challenge on track...

First up a trip to Woodpushers 1 in early January. Gavin drove Roger's king into the open and won decisively. Mike adjourned a pawn down in an endgame against Andy and was unable to hold the adjudication. I was under pressure against Ian and was happy to escape with a draw. Dix and Peter steadily improved their positions and broke through to win against Juju and Freddie respectively.

R.M. Hutchings 0-1 G.R. Lock
A.J. Briggs 1-0 M.C. Forster
I.G. Kelly 1/2-1/2 A.R.J. Higgs
J. Samworth-Calvier 0-1 D.N. Roberts
F. Coleman 0-1 P. Harbott

3.5-1.5 to Horsham.

Next we hosted a strong Hastings 1 team, and were very pleased by a comprehensive win. Gavin drew an interesting struggle against Francis. Mike and John played out a quieter draw on board 2. James isolated Howard's rook on the kingside and pushed through his pawns in its absence to win. I was under attack early but repelled it with care and won the exchange and the game. Dix won a sharp battle against Jerry.

G.R. Lock 1/2-1/2 F. Rayner
M.C. Forster 1/2-1/2 J.N. Sugden
J.C. Mansson 1-0 H.L. Tebbs
A.R.J. Higgs 1-0 P.J. Kelly
D.N. Roberts 1-0 J. Anstead

4-1 to Horsham.

Lastly we visited the very strong Worthing 1 team for a critical match which we could not afford to lose if we wanted to win the division. Gavin sacrificed a pawn in the opening against Mike N who missed something later and allowed him to break through for the win. Mike F and Dave Graham had an interesting draw. James beat Grant in a very sharp game with chances for both sides. I suffered my first league defeat in 2 years at the hands of Dave Grant. Dix and Chris Jones had a reasonably quiet draw. A great win for the team and crucial for our prospects.

M.D. Nicholas 0-1 G.R. Lock
D.B. Graham 1/2-1/2 M.C. Forster
G.W. Bucher 0-1 J.C. Mansson
D.J. Grant 1-0 A.R.J. Higgs
C. Jones 1/2-1/2 D.N. Roberts

3-2 to Horsham.