Horsham 2 v. Brighton 1

A very strong Brighton team gave the 2nd team an extremely tough match last night – the visitors were taking no chances after we had held them to a draw last year.
As I spent most of the evening concentrating on my own game I am not able to provide any commentary about the other games, save to say Paul played very solidly with the Black pieces to gain an impressive draw against Geoffrey James. Although I was a pawn up at adjudication the Queen, Rook & Pawn ending was technically drawn, so we ended up going down 1-4.
P Stimpson (171) 0-1 R Cumming (213)
P Harbott (170) 0-1 S Wilks (196)
P Taylor (168) ½-½ G James (191)
I Comley (170) 0-1 J Henshaw (188)
T Pavlovic (166) ½-½ P Batchelor (175)