The 2nd team hold Worthing 1

The 2nd team entertained a strong Worthing line-up who out-graded us on the top boards. We were again strengthened by Dix playing on Board 1 and yet again he secured a draw against a higher graded opponent, this time with the black pieces.
Phil had a very close game and at adjudication we thought he might have a draw in a complex ending where he was the exchange down for a pawn but seemed to be able to create a blockade position - unfortunately on further analysis the computer proved this not to be the case. Peter had three pawns for a piece but in a rather open position his opponent over-powered him.
Paul played a very solid game winning a pawn, then a second and then a third and at the close had a forced mate in 5 moves - this was the critical win for the team. My opponent and I were evenly matched and he sacrificed a pawn in the opening but did not play accurately enough to get adequate compensation and I was able to hold firm and at adjudication had a won endgame.
D Roberts (177) ½-½ G Bucher (193)
P Stimpson (171) 0-1 D Graham (197)
P Harbott (170) 0-1 M Nicholas (197)
P Taylor (168) 1-0 C Jones (186)
T Pavlovic (166) 1-0 N Skinner (166)


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A great scoreline against a powerful team, well done all.