Horsham 5 Victorious

Horsham 4 were humbled last night in the opening MSL match of the season against Horsham 5. The match had been brought forward by one week to assist Horsham 4 with player availability!

First blood went to a joyful Oliver, defeating the 4th team captain. I managed to make it 2 up for the 5th team with a victory over John Marshall. Mick Harris restored some standing for the 4th team, but with Richard B beating Richard M, the victory was assured. Finally, with only personal honour at stake, Nick managed to make the bottom line look not too bad for the "stronger" team.

Horsham 4 2 - 3 Horsham 5

John Marshall 0 - 1 Julie Denning
Richard Moorhouse 0 - 1 Richard Barrowclough
Nick Warren 1 - 0 Dave Britton
Mick Harris 1 - 0 Peter Helliwell
Roger Waddingham 0 - 1 Oliver Thorne

Each team next has an away fixture. Horsham 4 against Brighton & Hove 3 on 27th October, and Horsham 5 against Hastings & St Leonards 4 on 22nd November.


In one sense I have divided loyalties but having been involved in H5 for the last 2-3 years I was particularly pleased with their victory! Perhaps finishing higher than mid-table safety may be on the cards this season!? Despite the long journey Hastings 4 are there for the taking - be careful of their creaky chairs!!

Well done one and all

Kind regards

Mark (Baldock)