Horsham 3 vs Crowborough

Horsham 3 were away to Crowborough on Friday evening and expecting a tough challenge. Crowborough put up two strong players but thankfully not as strong as we were expecting and we out graded them heavily on boards 3-5 so fancied our chances.

Chris on board 1 was quickly happy to take a draw when it arose. Bob had managed to be a piece up on board 5 and slowly pressed it into a win. Alex finished next with decisive pressure on blacks King after stripping away the defending pawns and left only covered by his bishops. Sadly my game was a loss on board 4 after avoiding drawing efforts by my opponent and misjudging a mating net I thought I had… almost.

This left Peter on board 2 who although had a slight advantage and achieved a pawn up in the end game and his opponent under great time pressure, it turned into a rook endgame and a draw was agreed on 42 but this is all we needed for the 3-2 win.

Horsham 3 are now second in the division and all in their own hands, a win on their last game now guarantees promotion… albeit for Horsham 2!

169 Elliston, Robert V ½ - ½ Heath, Chris W 161
169 Lawrance, JAN ½ - ½ Harbott, Peter 160
125 Redman, Michael A 0 - 1 Taylor, Alex B 159
122 Dunn, Chris C 1 - 0 Richardson, Paul 149
103 Grisenthwaite, Jonathan C 0 - 1 Lanzer, Robert A 142