Horsham 3 Friday night success

Horsham 3 were away to Eastbourne 2 on Friday night and managed to get a 4-1 win.
Nick on board 5 was able to tie his opponent down and slowly take control of the board for the first win. My game on board 4 was fairly even but sharp and time pressure led my opponent into losing the exchange and later the game. By this time Peter on Board 2 was a queen down for a rook and few pawns, he started to build a fortress but couldn’t hold it. Chris was next to finish on Board 1 getting to 42 with just over 1 minute left on both clocks but in his last few moves had changed the position from a plain draw to a strong win with some clever preparation that was not immediately obvious what he was up to. Finally Alex on board 3 had been in a strong position for a large part of the game but having to co-ordinate his pieces for a decisive attack whilst watching out for some sneaky mating attempts by his opponent trying to evade the inevitable but held his nerve and controlled the win.

Mick Reddie 0 – 1 Chris Heath
Oli Weiss 1 – 0 Peter Harbott
Laurence Butt 0 – 1 Alex Taylor
Matthew Pannett 0 – 1 Paul Richardson
Mike Elgin 0 – 1 Nick Warren