Horsham 3 vs Hastings 2

Always a tricky venue to play at but felt we had good chances with a fine team. I was playing on 5th board and although a pawn up my attacking chances dwindled after a queen exchange and a draw was agreed. Next to finish was Phil on board 1 with another draw, having played through a very sharp position there was little left to work with once the dust settled. Alex meanwhile was down to a rook and 6 pawns each and some very rapid play by Alex who was on 1 minute with 10 second increment for 30-40 moves and could not gain time due to the Bronstein setting being used unknown to him. Sadly his opponent continued in an ‘on paper’ draw but managed to sneak it with the pressure on time into a win. Peter on Board 2 was always on the back foot having his king caught in the middle and his opponent gradually adding pressure, it looked like he’d equalised the position but with tactics abound his opponent forced a win out. Ian was left on Board 4 and again under relentless pressure was holding his opponent off but the end game left him with a miserable knight vs a strong bishop and another one lost. Final score 4-1 to Hastings 2

181 Cafferty, Bernard ½ - ½ Stimpson, Philip M 168
Varley, N 1 - 0 Harbott, Peter 165
170 Kelly, Paul J 1 - 0 Taylor, Alex B 164
170 Cove, Henry 1 - 0 Comley, Ian S 160
161 Blewitt, Stephen D ½ - ½ Richardson, Paul 151