Horsham 1 draw with Brighton 1

Horsham 1 drew with Brighton 1 in the final match of the season.

James Mansson won the exchange for a pawn after outplaying his opponent in the middlegame, but failed to find the best way to exploit his advantage and had to concede a draw.

The Forsters both drew as well. Mike Forster played a typically sharp game as Black where both sides seem to have their chances.

At the end of the playing session, the games Brewer - Lock and Batchelor - Higgs were unfinished. Anthony seems to have good winning chances, while Gavin looked to be in trouble. Both these assessments proved to be correct following analysis at home, giving the sides one win apiece. The match was therefore a draw.

The full score of the match is given below:

Board Horsham 1 (Home) Result Lewes 1 (Away)
1 Gavin Lock 0-1 Callum Brewer
2 Matt Forster 1/2-1/2 Geoff James
3 Mike Forster 1/2-1/2 Mikolaj Rogacewicz
4 James Mansson 1/2-1/2 Joe Everett
5 Anthony Higgs 1-0 Paul Batchelor

Note that Horsham 1, as the home team, were White on even-numbered boards.