A disappointing result for Horsham 2

Woodpushers 1 were only able to field four players against Horsham 2 last night but they somehow managed to conjure wins on the top three boards to take the match 3-2.
Lucy, playing her first match for the 2nd team, produced a top class win. From a Maroczy Bind position against the Sicilian she had full control of the whole board and black’s position fell apart after Lucy sacrificed a piece in an attack against her opponent’s King and followed this up with clinical accuracy.
On Board 1, Anthony was a pawn up after a neat tactic in the opening but allowed his opponent to build up a strong central position that proved decisive. Both Dix & Phil were on opposite sides of English openings. Dix sacrificed a pawn in the opening in the hope of getting a very active position but was never able to break through and after letting another pawn go his position was lost. Phil’s game was very tight but his opponent emerged with a passed “a” pawn in a knight and pawn ending and this was sufficient to force a win.
A Higgs (B) 0-1 J Samworth-Calvier
D Roberts 0-1 A Briggs
Phil Stimpson 0-1 I Kelly
L Bennet-Stevens 1-0 F Coleman
I Comley 1-0 Default