Horsham 3 v Hastings 3


Only last week Horsham 3 travelled to Hastings to play Hastings 2. Now it was Hastings 3 turn to travel and we out graded them quite substantially.

Lucy played a typically assured performance in a Semislav and was first to bring home a victory. Meanwhile on boards 1 and 2 the Hastings players vied to make the earliest draw offer with borad 2 offering after four moves and board one after just eleven!

Peter on board one played actively to try to make something of the position but was next to finish with a draw. On board 3 Alex Taylor played in classical style with the King's Gambit and then in Duke of York style marched his King all the way up the board before marching him all the way back down! In the end his opponent was triumphant.

Chris Heath was always better on board 4 but could not quite convert it and in the end it was a draw. All rested on Ian on board 4 who had been better from the beginning , managed to secure an extra piece and although his opponent made the time control with 4 seconds to spare he was by now 2 pieces down.

1. Peter Harbott (165) drew with J Wheeler
2. Alex Taylor (164) lost to Marc Bryant (136)
3. Chris Heath (163) drew with C. Hann (136)
4. Ian Comley (160) beat M Woodman (136)
5. Lucy Bennet-Stevens beat G Wilson (129)

Horsham win 3-2