Horsham 3 division 2 success!

Horsham 3 were at home for their last match of the season needing a draw to guarantee second place in the division and it was bound to be a tough match with Lewes 2 needing a win to avoid probable relegation.

Alex was first to finish on board 4 after his opponent got caught out early with a queen for rook exchange but missing a night fork gaining it back. Next was Ian on board 2 having a tense position in the middle game his opponent was able to exchange down most pieces and ended a draw. Chris on board 3 finished soon after where both players had very aggressive positons with a rook each lifted in front of their kings pawns but Chris was quite happy to take a draw knowing that would only leave us with half a point needed from the 2 remaining games and Bob on board 5 had a queen for a rook & bishop and looked very strong whereas Lucy on board 1 was struggling. Bob carefully put pressure on his opponent making most of his queen and found a clever sacrifice at the end to take both rooks and a knight for it. Meanwhile Lucy had turned her game around in the end game and although her opponent had a protected passed pawn her more active rook brought her a pawn up by 42, sadly it was not quite enough and a draw has been accepted. Final result 3.5 to 1.5 to Horsham 3 sealing the second spot in the division!

164 Bennet-Stevens, Lucy ½ - ½ Badham, Duncan R 154
162 Comley, Ian S ½ - ½ Britnell, Jonathan 147
161 Heath, Chris W ½ - ½ Robinson, Adam 144
159 Taylor, Alex B 1 - 0 Mitchell, Andy 137
142 Lanzer, Robert A 1 - 0 Weston, Peter 121