Horsham 2 defeated at Lewes

Horsham 2 finished their season with a disappointing loss 2-3 away against Lewes 2. As a result we will finish 3rd or 4th in Division 2 depending on the result of Woodpusher’s final game against Uckfield.
Lewes fielded one of their strongest teams of the season and all of the games were well contested. Phil was first to finish, agreeing a draw. I blundered badly on move 30 and resigned shortly afterwards as I was completely lost – this subsequently proved to be the critical game that cost us the match.
At adjudication Paul’s game was a drawn Knight and Pawn ending, however both Dix and Peter had advantageous positions and would have had good chances to win had their games continued. Unfortunately those advantages were not sufficient to prove wins. We were quite confident of winning Dix’s game so we submitted that to the league adjudication panel for a win but they ruled the position drawn.
D Badham ½-½ D Roberts
J Britnell ½-½ P Stimpson
A Robinson 1-0 T Pavlovic
D Brooks ½-½ P Harbott
A Mitchell ½-½ P Richardson