Horsham 1 defeat Eastbourne 1 by big margin

Horsham 1 scored a big win away against Eastbourne 1 on Friday evening.

Anthony Higgs against Mike Reddie seemed to be moving along quietly, before Mike made a miscalculation and his position rapidly collapsed.

Both Gavin Lock and Mike Forster made use of the White pieces to score good wins against their opponents.

Matt Forster won what looked like a tough game against Paul Carpenter.

James Mansson against Oliver Froom was eventually agreed drawn after a sharp struggle. As both players started to run short of time, the game turned in Oliver's favour, but with both players down to not much more than the 30 second increment, it was difficult for either to find the best path. It was therefore perhaps not surprising that they agreed a draw with a repetition of the position looming.

The overall result was therefore 4.5-0.5 to Horsham 1.

Eastbourne 1   Horsham 1
Rasa Norinkeviciute 0-1 Gavin R Lock
Oliver Froom 0.5-0.5 James C Mansson
Adrian O Pickersgill 0-1 Michael C Forster
Paul Carpenter 0-1 Matthew Forster
Michael Reddie 0-1 Anthony RJ Higgs

Horsham 1 had White on odd-numbered boards.