Horsham 1 hopes dented by defeat against Hastings 2

In mid-February, Horsham 1 played away against Hastings 2 in the Mid-Sussex League. Horsham 1 were not able to field quite their strongest team, while Hastings 2 were able to put out a strong line up, so a tough match was in prospect.

Early on, Dix got into trouble against Bernard Cafferty and ended up in what seemed like a lost endgame, but somehow managed to hold it.

Phil obtained a typically complex position against Tobias Stock, but the game fizzled out into a draw.

Gavin seemed to have a decent position against Daniel Lowe, while James obtained a definite advantage against Howard Tebbs, following a bizarre opening. However, in a matter of minutes, there was a dramatic reversal; Gavin's position suddenly collapsed, while James made two successive bad moves, moving from a win, to a draw and then to a loss. Following an exchange of inaccuracies, Howard then took control of the position and secured the win with some good play.

Seeing the match situation develop, Anthony tried an ambitious idea against Alan Barton but this proved to be good for no more than a draw.

The final score was therefore 3.5-1.5 in Hasting 2's favour.

Now Horsham 1 will most likely need to win all their remaining matches to take the league title.

Hastings 2 (Home)   Horsham 1 (Away)
Daniel Lowe 1-0 Gavin R Lock
Howard L Tebbs 1-0 James C Mansson
R Alan Barton 0.5-0.5 Anthony RJ Higgs
Bernard Cafferty 0.5-0.5 David N Roberts
Tobias W Stock 0.5-0.5 Philip M Stimpson

Horsham 1 had White on odd-numbered boards.