Horsham 1 defeat Brighton 2 by big margin

Yesterday, Horsham 1 scored a big win against Brighton 2.

Gavin Lock, James Mansson and Phil Stimpson all scored decisive victories over their opponents.

Anthony Higgs had a tough struggle against Robin Jones, who eventually slipped up, allowing Anthony an immediate win.

The last game to finish was Dix Roberts against Michael Hamilton. Dix appeared to have gained a decisive advantage in the endgame, but his opponent defended doggedly, and he was unable to find a way through; he therefore agreed to a draw.

This gave Horsham 1 a 4.5-0.5 win.

Board Horsham 1 (Home) Result Brighton 2 (Away)
1 Gavin Lock 1-0 Calum Salmons
2 James Mansson 1-0 Joe Everett
3 Anthony Higgs 1-0 Robin Jones
4 Dix Roberts 1/2-1/2 Michael Hamilton
5 Phil Stimpson 1-0 Oliver Weiss

Horsham 1 had White on even-numbered boards.