Horsham 1 achieve big win over Worthing 2

Back in February, Horsham 1 were up against Worthing 2 at home. The match ended in a one-sided 4.5-0.5 victory for Horsham 1.

Only Chris Jones managed a draw for Worthing 2, against Gavin Lock in a complicated game. James Mansson had a big slice of luck, where a mistake he made in a strong position went unnoticed by his demoralised opponent, who promptly resigned on the following move. Otherwise, the games went very much in Hosham's favour, as reflected by the final score.

Board Horsham 1 (Home) Result Worthing 2 (Away)
1 Gavin Lock 1/2-1/2 Chris Jones
2 James Mansson 1-0 Keith Homeyard
3 Matthew Forster 1-0 Rakesh Nair
4 Anthony Higgs 1-0 Lawrence Rhodes
5 Dix Roberts 1-0 Paul W O'Brien

Horsham 1 had White on even-numbered boards.