Close but no cigar for Horsham 2

Despite a significant grading deficit, Horsham 2 only narrowly lost out to Brighton 1.

First to finish was Peter whose Petroff came under immediate pressure, initially on the kingside but subsequently on the other wing where the entanglement of his pieces led to the early demise of his queen.

Meanwhile Lucy’s Sicilian saw a promising queenside advance balanced by some weaknesses elsewhere. In late middle game, the latter proved more crucial with a series of combinations leading to loss of material and resignation.

On board 1, Anthony’s Philidor was subject to constant pressure by his opponent but accurate play ensured matters were kept under control. Ultimately a clever manoeuvre with potential for perpetual check negated white’s rampaging queen and a truce was agreed.

Dix’s English led to a largely locked pawn structure. Despite both players trying for more and the game ‘going the distance’, a draw was the almost inevitable result.

Finally, Phil’s Grand Prix attack appeared to have been neutralised though perhaps with modest structural advantage after the queens came off. Persistent probing thereafter led to black’s pieces tripping over themselves and Phil’s win of the exchange. The game went the full 60 moves but after a brief discussion his opponent conceded.

Board Horsham 2 (Home) Result Brighton 1 (Away)
1 Anthony RJ Higgs 1/2-1/2 Callum D Brewer
2 David N Roberts 1/2-1/2 Luke E Rutherford
3 Lucy Bennet-Stevens 0-1 Geoffrey H James
4 Philip M Stimpson 1-0 Paul A Batchelor
5 Peter Harbott 0-1 Joe Everett

Horsham 2 had White on even-numbered boards.